Anthony Christie

Anthony Christie


Born on January 17, 1995 in Newark, Delaware. Anthony was born here in the USA, but continuously encouraged his parents’ Jamaican roots. He credits his diversity for molding him through his childhood and influencing his character.

His love for his grandmother is what ignited his passion for senior care. He is currently the owner of Prestige Senior Care serving New Castle County. Anthony is also an Early Childhood Education major at Wilmington University and participates in club lacrosse. Anthony also enjoys volunteering at Rose Hill senior center located in New Castle, Delaware.

His father eventually saved enough money to open his own restaurant. Seeing his father start his business allowed Anthony to experience being an entrepreneur. He saw the complete happiness his father had from being his own boss and wanted the same thing. Anthony went on to graduate High School at Pencader Charter High School of Business & Finance and then on to college at Neumann University. While in college, Anthony’s passion and drive for entrepreneurship only grew stronger. He began working closer with his father as lead manager. He went on to work with his father until the day his grandmother was hospitalized. After his grandmother returned home he realized things would never be the same. His grandmother needed home care assistance but simply could not afford it. He began helping his grandmother out daily. Eventually he began assisting other senior friends of his grandmother who also could not afford to leave their home or receive home care. Anthony soon realized the potential economic

growth of what he was doing and soon began marketing his services to the public. He wanted to keep his services very affordable but profitable at the same time. Today this service is called Prestige Senior Care. He currently has close to two dozen members and is growing. Although the company is still new, Anthony has come a long way in the past two years. Throughout his life Anthony never forgot to give back, from volunteering at summer camps to cleaning up Battery Park in New Castle. Today, Anthony donates a percentage back to local schools and youth centers. His parents believed that you could never succeed without the support of community.

Growing up, Anthony was exposed to a background of entrepreneurs. His father is the owner of “Top Choice”, a Jamaican cuisine restaurant located on north Market Street in Wilmington, Delaware and his mother being a professional hair stylist.

Anthony often thanks his mother for teaching him key values in life and helping him become the man he is today.