Apryl Walker

Apryl Walker



Apryl Walker has been a professional in the community organizing field for over 20 years, and has worked to support Delaware communities since 1998.

While attending Delaware State University and the University of Delaware, she collaborated with students and faculty on issues of eliminating racism, student empowerment, criminal justice reform, and parent leadership.

Ms. Walker served on the founding committees for the nonprofits Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement (DACA) and Delawareans for Social and Economic Justice (DSEJ). She has provided leadership for several successful DACA and DSEJ campaigns that have had a positive impact on Delaware’s communities, on issues such as foreclosure prevention, raising the minimum wage, and increasing voter registration.

Ms. Walker regularly provides trainings that offer comprehensive peer counseling, community building, leadership development, cultural literacy, and diversity enrichment tools for Delaware professionals, community leaders, parents and student leaders. She has also led workshops on these skills throughout the Unites States, as well as in Kenya and South Africa. She has provided numerous workshops at national and international conferences, including the White Privilege Conference, United States Social Forum, and Gandhi-King Conference on Peacemaking.

Ms. Walker consults a variety of organizations on the development and implementation of community outreach projects, political engagement strategies, public policy advocacy programs, volunteer recruitment & commitment procedures, fundraising & development programs and local, regional & national events. She has worked with community organizations, social service organizations, coalitions, advocacy groups, government agencies, museums, schools, churches, political campaigns, labor unions, for-profit businesses, foundations, and universities.

As Co-Director of Race Relations at the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow (CDNJC), Ms. Walker’s current work focuses on backing several Delaware-based anti-racism projects.