Ernest S. Hudson Jr.

Ernest S. Hudson Jr.


Ernest S. Hudson Jr. began his culinary journey in southern Delaware. As a child, he watched tenderly as his parents prepared home cooked meals. In Ernest’s home, dinner was a time for food and family.

Coupled with his parents’ guidance and that of television chefs, Ernest began to experiment in the kitchen creating such culinary feasts as shrimp and creamy alfredo, brown sugar glazed salmon, lemon herb roasted asparagus, pizza puffs, and shrimp & grits.

In 2005, Ernest graduated from Delaware State University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Later he pursued a State of Delaware Certification in Family and Consumer Science.

Ernest received his State of Delaware teaching certification through additional course work at Wilmington University and University of Delaware.

Ernest is passionate about teaching young people about the connection between food, academics, and life though his fun and interactive business, Spat-U-Learn.