Niem Green

Niem Green


Niem Green, also known as “The Daydreaming Mogul,” is an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, consultant, and manager. Born in Philadelphia, PA, he spent 10 years in the financial sector specializing in lending, risk analysis, and project management. Green would later go on to make a name for himself in the field of dating and as a published author.

Niem, or “the Mogul,” cites the ability to “act his dreams out with open eyes,” as one of the primary factors to his success. In 2009 he released “The Daydreaming Mogul’s Guide: Daydreams and Success.” It was published through Niem’s company, Green Walk Media Group, and explored his philosophy on how to achieve one’s desires through the power of daydreaming. His books are available in over 100 countries through 50,000 retailers.

Green Walk Media is a multimedia subsidiary of Green Walk Industries that offers music, book, television, and film properties. Green Walk has established a recording studio in New Castle, DE to accommodate its music branch which manages over 15 artists and producers.

Niem is currently working on releasing a new book called, “Credit Score Dating – The Phenomenon: the Sexiness of Credit.”Green previously developed this concept for his social media site where users pursue romantic partners with an emphasis on desired credit score standards. Niem and his credit score dating site have been featured on NBC’s “The Today Show,” in addition to Fox, the New York Times, Reuters, ABC and many more major outlets globally. The site currently has 110,000 members and is constantly growing.

A TV series called “Credit Score Dating” is being produced by Niem’s Green Walk Media Group. The show will match couples based on credit scores and put them in real life scenarios to test the importance of financial responsibility in successful relationships.

Niem’s passion for helping others and spreading his “open eyes” philosophy led to the creation of the “Young Daydreamers Foundation”, which has recently partnered with The United Way. The current initiative of the foundation is the program Niem created, “I Have a Story to Tell.” The aim of the program is to promote literacy by helping children in local schools and community centers create their own books. Besides improving their creative writing skills and reading comprehension, the program equips the kids with the necessary tools to achieve both short and long-term goals. The Green Walk Media Group will publish the books, and all proceeds will go directly to the students to put towards their education. Due to the program’s success, “I Have a Story to Tell” will be turned into a documentary and is currently in pre-production while teaching kids the same principals and tools for goal achievement as the literacy program while teaching them to tell their stories through film. The program has also blossomed to a music program and a photography program.